Dr. Rachel Kurzbard is our nutritionist and she offers two types of services that you may find helpful.

What To Know
  1. Direct in-person consultation with client and pet. Cost of appointment = $350 (per pet)
  2. Direct phone consultation with client. All phone calls are made by Dr. Kurzbard and are done in Pacific Standard Time.  Cost of appointment = $290 (per pet).

Both options include diet recommendations (either commercial recommendations or one complete and balanced home cooked diet recipe) amounts to feed, transition instructions, and follow-up recommendations typed in pdf format. These instructions will be emailed to you and your pet’s primary veterinarian within 7-10 days after the phone appointment.

**If one home cooked diet, or both one home cooked diet and commercial recommendations are requested or heavy follow-up is needed, the consult fee will be closer to $400 (per pet). Each additional home cooked recipe will be $100 (per pet)**

How It Works

Your Pet

Each consultation is geared toward a specific pet. Therefore, if you would like a consult or a home cooked diet formulation for more than one pet, please note these fees are per pet.

Pet Medical History

Please fill out the attached diet history form and have your regular veterinarian(s) send the past years’ worth of medical records and doctors notes, including most recent lab tests (CBC, Chemistry, and Urinalysis) to nutrition.irvine@bluepearlvet.com


Email follow-up is included (typically 3-4 months) with either client consultation option, however, emails requiring complex responses or heavy follow-up may warrant a 15,30-,or 60-minute phone call. Phone re-checks will incur a re-check fee of $150. If a home-cooked diets require modification, such as a change of ingredients, there will be an additional fee of $116 for reformulation.

How To Schedule

For scheduling, I will email you with dates and times that Dr. Kurzbard has available once I have received your diet history form and your referring veterinarian history.

In the interim, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. Thank you! We look forward to working with you!

Warm regards,
Clinical Nutrition Service Blue Pearl Specialty & Emergency Pet Hospital

Nutrition Consultation Request Form